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UltraSonic In-line Micro Reactor

GDmini2 – Ultrasonic Inline Micro-Reactor


The GDmini2 is an ultrasonic micro-reactor for the indirect, temperature-controlled sonication of liquid media. Applications include: Homogenization, emulsification, particle synthesis, solvent extraction, cell lysis and fragmentation




Simple-Setup & Startup

To integrate the GDmini2 into your process setup you connect each end of the glass tube to a hose and pump your material through it connect water (e.g. city water) to the designated hose nozzles Switch on the ultrasonic generator – it is that simple This is a unique and easy-to-use design. By coupling intense ultrasonic vibrations to the glass tube, the tube walls vibrate ultrasonically and therefore sonicate the liquid flowing through the tube. It is much more intense, uniform and consistent that an ultrasonic tank. And it works inline continuously – 24hrs, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Ultrasonic Power with Intelligent Control

The GDmini2 is powered by the state-of-the-art UP200St Generator (200 watts) that comes equipped with automatic frequency tuning, amplitude control, touchscreen user interface, automatic SD card protocoling (csv/Excel), temperature control and much more. The UP200St-TD Transducer (200 watts) shown in the picture is a truly versatile unit, that can be used for many more setups than just the GDmini2. It can be used as a cup horn, e.g. for the sonication of small centrifuge vials a complete sample preparation and feeding unit, e.g. for use with a particle size analyzer reactor flow cell or for the sonication of small centrifuge vials




Indirect, Temperature-Controlled Sonication

The GDmini2 design comprises of a resonating stainless steel jacket around the glass tube.

A pressurized couplant (typically water) transmits the vibrations to the glass tube.

A built-in back pressure valve and a connected pressure switch ensure the correct coupling pressure for efficient ultrasonication.

The couplant is used for temperature control (coolant) around the glass tube, too.


Hence, you can control the process temperature accurately. The UP200St will monitor and protocol the temperature, e.g. for documentation. The glass tube is the only material in contact with your process liquid and it can be a disposable item. This makes it very favorable for pharmaceutical R&D or manufacturing, drug development or specialty chemicals synthesis.

Often, the GDmini2 is connected to a syringe pump for sterile processing. We can make the tube of other materials such as polyamide, polyethylene, quartz glass, metal or ceramics. You can even source your own tubes. We offer special customized designs for upscaling to higher process volumes. Please contact us for details!